Japanese · SLAP (Speak Like A Person) Exercises

SLAP #1 “I can’t find any garbage bags” …the んだよね〜 of regret

Not knowing how to end sentences in Japanese makes us sound rigid. Today, let’s look at a very useful sentence-ender that will make our Japanese sound more natural– んだよね〜. As featured in an utterance from a Japanese housemate:

“I was looking for the garbage bags, but there weren’t any (ya know).”

Comparison with textbook Japanese:

Let’s look at some more examples to get a sense of what んだよね〜 means:

  • また日本に行きたいんだけど、ちょっと高いんだよね〜 / I want to go to Japan again, but it’s expensive, ya know~
  • 日本に行きたいんですよね〜 / I would loooove to go to Japan… *sigh*

As you can see, this expression is very useful for expressing regret at something you can’t do–in this case, go to Japan.

Here’s a sentence I wrote: 「フランシスすっごくかわいいけど、やっぱり彼氏いるんだよね〜」(“Frances is so cute, but alaaaaas, she has a boyfriend.”) Yes, I wrote a sentence about myself being cute. Now, I’ll never forget this expression. Muahaha.

Now it’s your turn to apply this phrase to your life! Want to eat out more often, but don’t have money? Want to exercise more, but too tired from school/work all the time? Want to sound more natural in Japanese, but don’t know how? Before moving on, take a moment to apply this to your life.

⚠️ PRO(nunciation) TIP⚠️
Make sure you’re elongating the ね, as indicated by the “〜” mark. A short ね indicates a straightforward request for confirmation (“there aren’t any, right?“) whereas the long ね turns the sentence into a mild appeal to the listener’s sympathies (“there aren’t any, ya know…“).





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