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3 Obscure Aspects of My Taiwanese-American Upbringing Featured On Netflix |《雙城故事》讓臺裔美國人的me最有共鳴的三點

I recently finished watching the show, “A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities.” It’s the story of two women, Jo and Nien-nien, who decide to switch cities and living arrangements: Jo, a Taiwanese-American from SF decides to move in with Nien-nien’s family in Taipei, and Nien-nien, a Taiwanese from Taipei, decides to move to SF. 我最近看完《雙城故事》,劇情描述兩位決定交換住處的女生,就是美國舊金山土生土長的台灣移民第二代Jo和一輩子活在台北大稻埕的李念念。… Continue reading 3 Obscure Aspects of My Taiwanese-American Upbringing Featured On Netflix |《雙城故事》讓臺裔美國人的me最有共鳴的三點

Other Reflections

Mid-Summer Revelations on Small Town Life

I've known since April that I would be an English teacher's assistant in the north of France for the next year on the TAPIF program. However it wasn't until the past month that I was informed that I'd be working in a town called "St. Omer," in Pas-de-Calais. Just 14,000 people, this town is not one that… Continue reading Mid-Summer Revelations on Small Town Life

Other Reflections

Troubleshooting, History, Language-Learning

I was never really good at troubleshooting. Probably because the way I learned math was less to think through the problem and figure out the solution as to learn the method to solve problems, practice that method a billion times, and then apply it on tests. This mentality may sound horrific to some of you, but it is useful when taking… Continue reading Troubleshooting, History, Language-Learning

Other Reflections

Selling Furniture Last Minute

I should have really started to sell my futon, microwave, desk lamp, swiffer, full-length mirror, etc earlier than one week before move-out. There would have been a larger market (underclassmen were still there), meaning greater demand, so I would have probably been able to sell for higher prices. Also I wouldn't have to worry about competing… Continue reading Selling Furniture Last Minute