Life in Taiwan

Taiwan through Song, Dance, and 3D Film

fThe past few weeks, I had the chance to attend two performances related to Taiwan. The more recent one was called 關於島嶼 FORMOSA by the internationally-renowned Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. It was a free outdoor performance (thank you Cathay Bank!). The dancing was sublime as was the background music, clearly sung by an aboriginal singer  (I… Continue reading Taiwan through Song, Dance, and 3D Film

Life in Taiwan

Glimpses of Local Culture in 《花甲男孩轉大人》

I've been based in Taiwan for nine months now and just finished a drama called 《花甲男孩轉大人》. It's on Netflix under "A Boy Named Flora A". It was so slow-paced I nearly gave up on it, but what kept my attention was the amount of local culture it featured. This might seem strange--wouldn't every drama feature local culture?… Continue reading Glimpses of Local Culture in 《花甲男孩轉大人》

Other Reflections

Mid-Summer Revelations on Small Town Life

I've known since April that I would be an English teacher's assistant in the north of France for the next year on the TAPIF program. However it wasn't until the past month that I was informed that I'd be working in a town called "St. Omer," in Pas-de-Calais. Just 14,000 people, this town is not one that… Continue reading Mid-Summer Revelations on Small Town Life

Other Reflections

Troubleshooting, History, Language-Learning

I was never really good at troubleshooting. Probably because the way I learned math was less to think through the problem and figure out the solution as to learn the method to solve problems, practice that method a billion times, and then apply it on tests. This mentality may sound horrific to some of you, but it is useful when taking… Continue reading Troubleshooting, History, Language-Learning

Other Reflections

Selling Furniture Last Minute

I should have really started to sell my futon, microwave, desk lamp, swiffer, full-length mirror, etc earlier than one week before move-out. There would have been a larger market (underclassmen were still there), meaning greater demand, so I would have probably been able to sell for higher prices. Also I wouldn't have to worry about competing… Continue reading Selling Furniture Last Minute

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“So you WEREN’T interested in Korean Culture?”

The conversation usually starts with them asking me why I wanted to come to Korea or how I got started learning Korean. Unlike most people who study Korean, I wasn’t drawn in by Korean pop culture. I was interested in exploring a new country, and the best option happened to be Korea.   So far,… Continue reading “So you WEREN’T interested in Korean Culture?”