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“I HATE sounding like an awkward foreigner.”

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In these exercises, I break down sentences I encounter in real life and on the internet (think Facebook posts, Buzzfeed, recipes, etc),

  1. providing ready-made phrases you can use IMMEDIATELY to sound like a native speaker
  2. while explaining them in-depth to help you develop a *sense* of the language.

To get an idea of what SLAP is, check out this post: “Let’s Get a Meal Sometime!” …whatご飯行こう actually means.

And see what a reader, currently studying in Japan, said:

I read your first SLAP post – it’s really informative (and funny)! I just want you to know that I literally use that grammatical structure ALL THE TIME and it’s super useful!! I look forward to reading more from you!

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I’m starting with Japanese, so hold tight if you’re learning Korean or Chinese!

“What if I already speak awesome Japanese?”

If that’s how you feel, ROCK ON! You can treat SLAP as

  • a chill, weekly refresher to keep up your Japanese.
  • a way to explore colloquial Japanese in greater depth. When I was brute-forcing my way through the language, I didn’t have time to question why Japanese people said certain things in certain ways. Now that I can explore the language, I am learning a TON.

You’re welcome to join me in my weekly explorations. Or not 🙂

Either ways, get in touch to share how you went from awkward to awesome! We’d all appreciate it, trust me.